set default schema for user: postgres

SHOW search_path;

will return "$user",public

-- To change search_path on a connection-level
SET search_path TO your_schmea;

-- To change search_path on a database-level
ALTER database "your_database" SET search_path TO  your_schmea;

Git Commands

  • git config –list /*list the username and password*/
  • git config –global “Your git name”
  • git config –global “Your email id”
  • git init /*initialize your repository */
  • tree .git /*Get the folder structure*/
  • brew install tree /*installing tree*/
  • git status /*getting the status of git */
  • git add –all /*adding all the files in git*/
  • git commit -m “message” /*committing added git files */
  • git log /*getting all the git logs like commit*/
  • git checkout commitid /*checkout the commit we want to go*/
  • git commit –amend -m “New commit message.” /*for changing last commit message*/
  • git pull upstream master /*Update your local repo from the central repo*/
  • git remote add url /*add your remote repo*/