create aws account without credit card

Now you can create AWS account without credit card. You can use your debit card for creating a free tier AWS account.

First you need to sign in to the AWS account.

  • Create an AWS account window will be opened. Give your email id,password and aws name in the necessary boxes.
Sign In with your Email id
  • Click Continue after providing necessary information.
  • In the new page you need to provide your contact information.Select your account type as Personal.
Contact Information
  • Click Create Account and continue after providing necessary information.
  • A payment information window will be opened.There you need provide your Debit card number
Payment Information
  • After giving necessary information click on Secure submit.  You will be redirect to payment gateway.
  • AWS Charge INR 2 for verifying your account.
  • After payment gateway you need to verify your mobile number. AWS will call the number you provided during the registration time.
Phone Number verification
  • Click on Call Me Now . You need type the number from the AWS website on your phone keypad.
Verification Number
  • When You type the same number from AWS website on your phone keypad a pop will come.

    Verification Complete
  • After completing the verification click on contine.You need to select your plan from the window.
  • Select Basic plan which is free.
Select Your Plan
  • You FREE AWS account is now registered.Now SignIn  to the console using your credential.