.Net Core, Entity framework Core command and package

  • Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer
  • Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer.Design
  • Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Design
  • Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Tools

/*Reverse engineering*/

  • Scaffold-DbContext “connectionString” Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer -OutputDir Models

/*Short Cuts*/

  • For Creating constructor
    • ctor tab tab

/*Database Migration*/

  • Add-Migration
  • Update-Database

Ionic Commands

Create a new page

  • ionic start <name> <template> [options] – for creating new projects
  • ionic cordova platform – adding platform
  • Ionic generate page NAMEOFPage — for generating new page
  • ionic cordova run android -l —- for live reload in android
  • ionic cordova resources — generate icons and Splash screen
  • ionic generate service SERVICENAME —generate services